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July 19, 7:00 pm

behanceHost: Behance is a design-focused technology company that is changing the face of creative industries.

Ready to put Flash behind us
and move forward with canvas?

Summary: This two-hour class is for front-end developers. Want to learn the latest canvas tricks? In this class, we will review the basic uses of canvas to draw and compose shapes, apply styles and colors, do transitions and run animations. We will review examples and go over the basics of the libraries and implementation. And, we will briefly review some of the coolest new uses of canvas and talk about how they are implemented.

Goal: The goal of this class is to get you started with canvas and give you a roadmap of resources to start you off on your own self-learning process.

Format: The format of this class willbe presentation. The course materials will include take-home lists of relevant examples, resources, online tutorials and libraries. We recommend that you
bring a laptop to follow along during the coding examples.

Instructor: Robyn Overstreet is a web developer and training professional. She teaches for Zend, Marakana, and has taught for Brooks College and Creative Geekery. She holds a Masters degree from NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program.

Recommended Prerequisite: To benefit from this class you will need to have professional experience with JavaScript or ActionScript and HTML. Experience with HTML5 is helpful, but
not required.

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