Jovena Whatmoor

Jovena founded Skillfer because she saw opportunity to innovate on the model of traditional recruitment firms. Jovena is the co-organizer of NYTechWomen and helps organize other events, such as the NYC Startup Job Fair. She has worked with tech startups on the east and west coasts – and most of her career has been in tech. She headed up the HR practice for Atlas Accelerator and was employee number ten at Quirky.

Marny Smith

Technical Recruiter
Born, raised, and rooted in New York City, Marny is passionate about providing people with the tools they need to secure mentors, make professional connections, and find jobs that they love. As the Vice President and Community Director of NY Creative Interns, Marny has learned that the importance of networking, building relationships and developing industry contacts cannot be underestimated when you are looking to build a successful career. Formerly the Director of Customer Support at NYC startup ChallengePost, Marny is excited to combine her love of tech and talent acquisition as a member of the Skillfer team.


Kevin Bluer

Technical Advisor
Kevin is an entrepreneur and developer with a blend of technical, enterprise, and early-stage startup experience. He has worked for and founded businesses in both Europe and North America, and has extensive experience in both regions. Since his undergraduate degree in Applied Computer Science his career has spanned the industrial spectrum, working with companies such as Microsoft, JP Morgan Chase, MTV Networks, Deloitte, and a number of startups. He also holds a masters degree in Technology Management from Columbia University in New York City. Kevin runs Bluer Inc, a consultancy focused on research, development, and instruction for clients that include The Economist Group, Horizon Media, General Assembly, Google, and a number of early stage ventures.

Shirley Chan

Pivoting from a career in traditional publishing, Shirley leapt into the tech startup world at Quirky: formalizing its customer service department, leading community engagement, and heading content creation across all online channels and printed materials. Evolving to specialize in content and brand identity, she transitioned to Fab: defining the voice for multiple verticals and creating their style guides. She also offers brand and content consulting services to organizations like New York Tech Women, organizes a monthly writing group, sews one-of-a-kind mobiles for friends, and promises herself she’ll catch up on sleep one day.